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Chaazé 06 Dec 2016
I love my 2012 BMW X6! Great condition, low miles and a great price! Nice staff. My salesman, Bekim, was great! I was worried though after having my car less than 2 weeks when I noticed an oil leak on my garage floor. I called the dealership immediately and without hesitation they had me bring t...he car in and addressed the situation without question or cost to me (other than my time, which did mount up as I had to make multiple trips back and forth from Evanston to Burr Ridge until everything was back in working order). They did provide me with a loaner car while mine was being repaired and delivered my car back to Evanston when it was done, which was very nice. I experienced Bekim as good man with a good heart. I don't say that about many men. A truly genuine human being. So why not 5 stars? Well a couple of things prevented that. First one is that the description of the car's options on the website did not match what the car had in actuality. I did not catch this until I got home and started familiarizing myself with the car's features. That was extremely disappointing and actually pissed me off, feeling I had been deceived after having had such a good experience up to that point. The second issued I had was another feeling of being deceived. So the X6 did not have the factory BMW carpet floor mats. I was told that was not a problem and that the mats would be ordered. I purchased the car on October 22nd. I was told the mats were ordered some time around the 25th. I checked back weekly for about 3 weeks. After the engine issues were addressed I just gave up on the mats. It's now December 6th and I have heard nothing. I would have preferred they just told me they couldn't get the mats rather than leading me to believe they had been ordered for me. Who know's, maybe they are still on the way. . .not. Life is too short to worry about little things. But at the same time, little things can make a big difference! Bekim did admit to being forgetful, so I appreciate his honesty. But at the same time, it's not my job to have to keep reminding. My overall experience with the staff at High Line is that they are expected to do a lot. Everybody seems to do everything! Seems like they could use some administrative support. If that was the case, I may even have my floor mats (or the missing power outlet cover I forgot to mention) by now! All in all, I do feel that the staff I've interacted with mean well and want happy customers. At the end of the day, I love my X6! I don't take the few issues I had with them personally. No one is perfect. I haven't bought a used car before, so there are definately some things that I would do differently next time around. I'd buy another car from High Line and would recommend this dealership to others. And without a doubt, as I have already stated, Bekim is a good man with a good heart! What more could you ask for in a used car salesman! Peace and blessings. Show more
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Sherman... 20 Oct 2016
The cars are Great, Bekim is a great sales man who vaules his customers upper management is kinda pushy but the overall experience was pretty Good...
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reddevil 06 Sep 2016
Talked to sales rep mr,Bekim in morning,described car i was loking at on line ,he confirmed they still had it,got lost on way there ,had to ring him and guided me there no problems,greeted on arrival,none of the usual bs,just straight talk,had car ready,went over all details,just a good experience w...ith becks,i liked the car ,and i was in and out hassle free.thanks to becks,alan and moe.would recommend again to all. Show more
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